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Let Us Make You Feel as Incredible as You Truly Are

Ballroom Dance

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about us

Here at Santos Designs, creating spectacular custom and ready to wear performance apparel has been our passion since 1996. We’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years, and our impeccable standards ensures each Santos creation worn exceeds every expectation. And the Santos Designs team would love to exceed your expectations as well!

After all, you are exceptional, and we believe you deserve to wear a dress that will complement such a quality!

Because when it comes to performing, you aren’t looking to merely blend in with the others. You want to leave a lasting impression. That’s where we come in! Not only is a Santos Designs dress known for enhancing the natural beauty of a woman’s silhouette, it also has a way of reminding a woman just how brilliant they truly are.

When you combine that with your undeniable passion for dance and movement, you’ll exude such a presence that effortlessly draws people in. Now that’s how to stand out from the crowd! Read more


What We Do

Whether you're wanting the complete custom design experience or looking to give an older dress an update, Santos Designs has multiple options to choose from
Custom Design (aka Couture!)

Let's create the custom dress of your dreams! Just imagine, a one-of-a-kind dress designed specifically for your body...Yes, please!

Semi-Custom COMING SOON!

A more budget-friendly option for creating your perfect dress! Choose from a variety of ready-made silhouettes for YOUR true style.

Ready to Wear Collection

Our ready to wear one-of-a-kind creations are the next best thing to couture and a convenient solution when time is of the essence.

Dress Upgrade

Give your old dress a fresh new look! We'll add a little here, take a little there, touch it up with luxurious crystals, and bam...your dress is on a whole new level.



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